We have an experienced and qualified chainsaw operators who confidently manage trees such as these. We use our Hitachi 210 LC to machine assist the tree felling using a fixed grapple to hold or push the tree as required, with that an ensuring each cut is carefully scarfed to fall in the direction we want.

Hazardous Tree Felling

This redwood was around 150 years old and became a concern to the council as it was a danger to the community, being so old it had begun rotting. Our skilled and expert arborist and digger driving team took care of the job.

A lot of planning takes place in every job we do, ensuring health & safety is to a high standard, tree felling plans, hazard ID etc. We organise Traffic control, a team of spotters and all signage as required for each individual job.

Our most common logging operations are Tree Lane – Plantation and Shelter bouts. We process Pinus radiata, Macrocarpa, Douglas fir, and Larch. We process the trees by falling, liming, and cut to lengths requested by the log buyer. We organise the whole process, from log buyers through domestic market or export and transportation of the logs. We can complete full clean up if requested by the client also.

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