ADC is a team of qualified and experienced tree felling, logging and digger operators.

We pride ourselves on having a high attention to detail in every aspect of our work, guaranteeing every job is completed to the highest professional standard, while ensuring health and safety standards are encountered correctly.

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Tree Services

Arborist Invercargill

The Best Arborist in Invercargill Addresses all Tree Servicing Needs

We are the best arborist in Invercargill and are passionate about providing exceptional customer service. ADC Tree Services prides itself on the highest quality work in a timely and efficient manner at affordable prices. Learn why we are the best choice for tree services.

Tips for Planning Tree Root Removal

Construction work in a forested area has challenges, and finding the correct equipment is essential to do an efficient job. Learn what equipment we use and the protection we provide for our workers.

  • You don’t want to disturb the forest floor as you clear cut trees. The use of log arches decreases the impact on the surrounding ground because the attachment provides an extra lift to the logs, which shortens the part of the trunk that will drag along the ground. This process is more efficient because the log arch will reduce damage to sensitive areas, reduce ground disturbance, and increase productivity since we can drag more logs at one time.
  • A root rake attaches to a tractor and collects debris while letting the soil sift through and return to the ground. Root raking removes unusually bulky material clustered above ground and then removes roots and debris deeper in the dirt. It is ideal for land clearing, ground levelling, and removing materials away from buildings with minimal disturbance to the area.
  • Tree and root removal require safety attachments to protect the equipment and the workers doing the job. We use brush screens that protect all sides of the operator’s station. We also use limb risers, which mount over the front end of the machine and extend to the roof.

Why You Should Trust ADC Tree Services for Root Removal

Unless you are highly skilled, hiring a tree service is your best bet for efficient and cost-effective removing of trees, debris, and roots. Learn what to consider when hiring a service and why we meet the criteria.

  • Ensure that your service has credentials and licences to do the job. Insurance coverage is critical. Liability insurance guarantees that the service will cover any damages to the property and worker’s compensation insurance protects anyone on the property who sustains an injury. We have everything necessary to ensure your protection during our time on your property.
  • Ask for referrals and get an estimate of the proposed work, and then compare it to other businesses. If there is a discrepancy, understand why, and make your decision once they answer your questions.
  • Ask about the equipment required for the job. You want to be specific on what you want to be accomplished and grasp what equipment is necessary to complete the job. Also, inquire about the specific training for the employees who operate the machines.

About ADC Tree Services

We are in the business to serve all your tree service needs. We cover felling, logging, and trimming. Our passion is tree removal, and we want to ensure you we will meet all your tree removal needs. Please contact us with any questions.

Look to us for the best in tree services. Begin clearing your property today using our professional services.

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