Specialists In Tricky Trees

We have the experience, training, and equipment to assist with any trees big or small. We have a range of machinery to assist with the big to small jobs.

Tree Felling

We have a highly skilled team of chainsaw operators and machine drivers to complete any tree felling or removal job big or small.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinder is a Bandit’s Model ZT1844 is only 73.5cm wide and will travel through a standard 74cm width doorway; as such it’s perfect for grinding stumps in tight, restricted areas.


Professionals in the practice of arboriculture. In the cultivation management and study of individual trees.

Tree trimming / Topping

We have a large circular saw attached to our Doosan Wheel Excavator, it has a reach of 14 metres, handy for any hedge, for example farm shelterbelts, trimming trees off fences, side trimming clearing roads, lifestyle block hedges, driveway hedges, topping trees, or under powerlines, around sheds etc.


An attachment on the excavator, that breaks down bushes, shrubs, trees, etc to mulch. The mulcher is the perfect attachment for land clearing, section tidy ups etc.


We have a range a machinery and attachments to complete any earthworks job, for example, digging bucket, pick, cleaning bucket. Six-wheeler gravel tip truck. Doosan 140 Wheel digger, 13 tonne Komatsu Digger, 210 LC Hitachi – We have a variety of diggers to cover any earthworks needs.

Logging Operations

The process of harvesting trees in to log lengths, which are then transported either to local sawmills or exported depending on the log buying price.