Tree Root Removal in Invercargill Leaves Your Land Free of Tree Debris

Tree root removal in Invercargill leaves your land ready for the next project. ADC Tree Services will remove unsightly stumps and underground roots that could cause problems down the road.

Benefits of Tree Root Removal

Once you decide to clear land for a new project or remove a dead tree from your property, stumps, and roots are left behind. The stumps and the underlying roots may cause problems if left. Learn why we recommend removing all the roots and stumps.

  • Tree stumps are unsightly and a safety hazard. You could face a lawsuit if the injured person feels you are liable. Stumps may also damage your lawnmower or other equipment if you accidentally hit them.
  • The decaying roots and stumps begin to rot once the tree is cut and attract pests during the long decomposition process. Your property will be subjected to beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-boring pests if you avoid root raking after cutting down a tree. The pests may spread to your home and cause damage if the area is close to your house.
  • Fungi and multiple small trees often sprout in the area where the stumps and roots are left behind. This results in having to remove more trees that could have been prevented. The new growth can also steal nutrients from plants in the surrounding area. Call us to root rake your property and remove all the roots and stump to avoid future unwanted growth.

Tree removal is a difficult decision, but it is best to do a thorough job by eliminating the stumps and roots left behind.

Why You Should Trust ADC Tree Services for Root Removal

Hiring a professional to remove trees and roots is a decision you won’t regret. Whether you want more space on your property or a tree is dying, learn why our professional services are your best choice.

  • You will save time and money the moment you choose our services because you won’t have to rent or purchase any equipment or tools for the job. We take pride in how we handle our equipment and will ensure that we avoid damaging the surrounding areas.
  • Overgrown roots can weaken the base of your house. They can also damage your driveway or sidewalk, potential liability and an eyesore.
  • Cleaning up the area after removal is a chore. We have the experience to leave other areas of your property undisturbed while removing trees, stumps, and roots. We can remove the residual debris, and grind the stump so that you can begin landscaping the moment we leave.

About ADC Tree Services

We provide full tree services, including tree felling, logging, and digging. There isn’t any job that is too big for us. We are a qualified and experienced team looking to meet all your needs. Please contact us with any questions.

You want the best tree removal service in the industry, and that is what we provide. Begin clearing your property today of unwanted trees and stumps.

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