Improve Your Property with Tree Removal in Invercargill

At ADC Tree Services, we offer tree removal in Invercargill and surrounding locations. Whether you have one tree or many on your property that you need to remove, we can help. Our team of experienced and qualified tree felling, logging, and digger operators can help you achieve what you want with your property or site.

Tips Regarding Tree Removal

If you need tree removal service, there are several things to keep in mind. Pay attention to these tips for ensuring a positive experience.

  • Use tree felling as a last resort. In most cases, removing trees is a last resort. Healthy trees add value to your property and make it more beautiful, not to mention supporting the environment. Be sure that there is an excellent reason to cut down trees before deciding to do so.
  • Know how to handle an issue involving a neighbour’s trees. If a large branch or entire tree falls on your neighbour’s property, it could do damage to yours. A registered letter to your neighbour outlining your concerns may be helpful in the event of insurance claims.
  • Find out what’s included. If you have a tree removed, the service should also include removal of the stump, if desired. Make sure that you know what is included in your quote and whether stump grinding and removal are accounted for, as well as the removal of the lumber.
  • Use a professional service. Tree felling can be very dangerous, so don’t attempt it on your own. Choose a tree company with experience of removing trees to ensure that the job is done properly and safely.

Benefits of Professional Tree Removal

There are many reasons to remove trees, from lifeless limbs to unfortunate placement. Here are some of the reasons that you might want to remove select trees from your property.

  • To eliminate danger. If you have a tree with dead branches overhead, it may pose a threat to roofs, vehicles, power lines, and people. An experienced arborist can inspect the tree for you and determine whether it should be removed to eliminate the potential danger.
  • To protect your sidewalk, driveway, or foundation. Trees can have surprisingly large root zones. As the roots grow, they can lift and damage any concrete structures nearby. Regardless, damage to these types of structures can be very costly.
  • To clear space. You may need to remove trees from your property so that you can build a house or add a swimming pool, or you may want to eliminate trees that are blocking a gorgeous view, especially one that could increase your property value.

About ADC Tree Services

ADC services the Southland, Otago, and Central Otago areas with all tree services, including tree felling, stump removal, logging, earthworks, and more. We can even handle large jobs and tricky trees. We focus on the health and safety of our employees and everyone affected by their work through extensive training, continued education, and careful supervision. We also offer exceptional customer service delivered by a friendly and professional team. Contact us today for a quote.

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