Why You Should Find Help with Stump Removal in Invercargill

After felling trees on your property, the next step should be to seek out help with stump removal in Invercargill. Sure, you could leave the stump there — but is that really the best choice? Find out why you should take action with help from ADC Tree Services LTD today.

The Importance of Tree Stump Removal

Are there good reasons not to leave the stump in the ground and allow nature to take its course? Yes — in fact, there are several:

  • Stumps aren’t just eyesores — they get in the way, too. Whether you want to keep your outdoor landscaping in good order, or you want a free and open space for the kids or the dogs to run, stumps are unnecessary obstacles that can even be a hazard. Keeping grass around stumps at a proper height is no easy feat, either. Instead of working around those old stumps all the time, why not have them entirely removed or ground away instead?
  • Stumps rot away very slowly, sometimes taking many years to fully break down to a point where it is no longer recognisable as the spot where a tree once stood. During that time, a stump can be an inviting hotel for all kinds of insects and unwanted pests — including termites. Don’t allow pests to colonise stumps near your home when they could ultimately transition closer or even into your space.
  • Stumps encourage more growth around them, and cause challenges when you want to change your landscaping or to plant new trees. The old root system could pose an obstacle, for example, while some stumps can begin to sprout again. Promptly requesting stump removal prevents these unsightly problems from developing in the first place.

What You Can Expect from ADC Tree Services LTD Regarding Stump Removal

Deciding to remove the stump is step one. Step two is finding a trustworthy tree service provider. Why should you select our team? Consider what we provide to our clients:

  • Friendly, attentive customer service that seeks to understand your needs and to plan appropriately to meet them. When you call us, we treat you as more than “just another job” — our personal touch is how we deliver a superior experience in Invercargill from start to finish.
  • Assistance from an experienced staff and equipment crew, from our digger operators and beyond. Although our partnership as a team is fresh, we have a wealth of industry experience to draw upon your benefit.
  • Fast and effective results. We’re able to provide a variety of tree stump removal services, including burning, grinding/mulching, and complete physical removal of the entire stump when necessary. With access to the latest in modern logging and digging equipment, we can make quick work of even the largest and toughest old stumps in your yard.

About ADC Tree Services LTD

A local resource for everything from full-scale logging projects to basic shearing and stump removal, ADC Tree Services LTD is a versatile independently owned and operated resource. Our goal on every assignment is to provide high-value service with fewer delays while focusing on your satisfaction. We’re ready to take care of stumps on your property in Invercargill today —give us a call.

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